Mobley Park Stormwater Improvements

Port Wentworth, GA

Ecological Engineering provided designs for a stormwater retrofit within the Mobley Park parking lot that removed degraded asphalt, stabilized the adjacent stream bank, managed storm water runoff, provided water quality benefits and improved the aesthetics of the park. A linear bioretention area was installed between the parking lot and the stream bank. In addition, to reduce the volume of runoff reaching the bioretention cell and discharging into the canal, the design plan includes the installation of pervious pavers directly adjacent to the bio-retention area. The bio-retention area, as well as the adjacent streambank adjacent was planted with native vegetation. The designs ensured that the City of Port Wentworth remained in compliance with its NPDES permits. This project demonstrates the City’s commitment to water resources protection. The project goal was to treat surface runoff and reduce streambank erosion. This goal was achieved with the installation of a bioretention cell and permeable pavers.


  • Design and Construction of a retrofit bioretention area in Mobley Park in Chatham County, GA
  • Replacement 800 square feet of asphalt parking lot with permeable pavers
  • Design included stabilization on adjacent stream bank, managed stormwater runoff, provided water quality benefits and improved aesthetics of the Park
  • Reduced erosion and sedimentation on direct tributary to the Savannah River

Mobley Park prior to stormwater retrofit

Bioretention Cell

Permeable Pavers