Statewide Bridge Replacement Projects

Statewide, NC

Ecological Engineering has provided and is currently providing hydrologic/ hydraulic, natural resources and permitting services for the implementation of numerous bridge replacement projects across the State of North Carolina. These projects require extensive coordination with the US Army Corps of Engineers and NC Division of Water Quality. Ecological Engineering is pre-qualified with the NC Department of Transportation to provide most aspects with regard to drainage, modeling, natural resources, mitigation, and environmental permitting. In addition, the firm is also recognized as a Small Professional Services Firm with the Department. The majority of the bridge replacement projects have required hydrologic and hydraulic analyses, modeling, natural resources assessments and determinations, coordination with FEMA and the NC Floodplain Mapping Association, NCDOT reporting, sediment and erosion control design and environmental permitting.


  • Hydraulic designs, erosion control and natural resource studies across NC
  • Projects completed in Mountains, Piedmont and Coastal Plain regions
  • Projects located over Trout Streams, Outstanding Resource Waters and/or Regulated Buffers
  • FEMA Limited Detail Study or Detailed Study Streams requiring MOA coordination with NCDOT and NCFPM
  • Extensive coordination with regulatory personnel and environmental permitting
  • Hec-Ras modeling of all bridges and development of Bridge Survey Reports for NCDOT