What We Do

Hydraulic and Hydrologic Services
leaf   Hydraulic Design & Modeling
leaf   Bridge & Culvert Hydraulics
leaf   Stormwater Design & Modeling
leaf   Drainage Design

Erosion and Sediment Control
leaf   Planning and Design
leaf   Construction Inspection and Oversight
leaf   Regulatory Program Review and Consultation
leaf   Design Consultation and Preparation
leaf   Plan Review

Environmental Compliance
leaf   FEMA Coordination & Permitting
leaf   Section 404/401 Permitting (Streams, Wetlands, & Buffer)
leaf   Section 10 Permitting (Navigable Waters)
leaf   Section 7 Permitting (Protected Species)
leaf   Erosion & Sediment Control Permitting

Natural Environment
leaf   Ecological and Natural Community Assessments
leaf   Jurisdictional Determinations & Delineations
leaf   Technical Reporting

Mitigation Banking
leaf   Mitigation Banking Prospectus and Instrument Preparation
leaf   Stream, Wetland, & Buffer Design and Construction Management
leaf   Site Closeout and Annual Monitoring